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2022 Sep - Pizza Science

Quantifying pizza cost vs. benefit of local retailers in New Westminster, BC

2021 Aug - Lead-Acid Battery Tips and Lessons

Real-world data and results I've collected, failure modes, safety, lessons learned.

2021 Jun - Timelapse of Vegetable Garden at +49 Latitude

How plants grew and died in the year 2018. Climate change is slated to impact normal plant cycles, so this video may come in handy for future comparisons. Plants from left-to-right are: Potatoes, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Chives, Carrots, Scapes, Beans.

2020 Aug - Solvespace Tips for Beginners and Advanced Users

Ranging from general usage tips, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

2020 May - Black Mirror (TV Series) Themes

I've been watching this series and recording notes on the cautionary messages that each episode contains.

2020 Apr - An Argument For Open Source

I am a fan of open source, but it can hard to explain the advantages when there's non-free services that are so popular and user-friendly. This is my answer to that, aiming to show that openness is really a form of democracy.

2020 Mar - What came first: Mathematics or Reality?

Is reality an instance/application of mathematics? or is Mathematics a generalization of reality? What? you think I know the answer?

2018 Jan - Minimizing Waste of Pencil Sharpening

I like using wooden pencils for their simplicity and reliablility, but a lot of lead gets wasted from sharpening. The questions are: how dull should you wait until sharpening to optimize the efficiency of lead use? And then, how sharp should you sharpen?

2017 Jun - Shield-X Technology 🔗🡕

Shield-X company logo Here's a cool tech company to check out. Shield-X aims to reduce concussions or other injuries by limiting the torque that objects can apply to your head during oblique collisions. There's many innovative ideas being produced there, and I've been lucky enough to be a part of it during Summer 2017. Take a look at their website and videos to see for yourself how effective the Shield-X membranes really are.

2013 Apr - Links

These have been here since day one. I've seen other personal websites posting links to all their favourite websites as well. I guess it's just what people like us do XD

2016 Jul - Fake Blog

Made for a web development course. It's a working html file so... may as well be on the internet.

2016 Jun - Logic Gates

An introduction to the concept of these Boolean operators.

2016 Jun - Digital Circuits

Combining logic gates to produce computing machines.

2016 Aug - The Diversity of Life

A discussion on reproduction, history of the Earth and the life that inhabits it.

2016 Aug - A Rambling Tour through Science and Ignorance

Please don't read this. A very long reply to a video sent by an evangelical friend. This would be considered by most to be a tiring collection of quickly-typed opinions. Nevertheless, "I don't believe in Beatles." - John Lennon