2015 Oct 27

Tetris is all about being sustainable and planning for the future. You're given challenges, and you have to make the best of it. There are no rules to how you deal with theses challenges, or a best way; it's completely up to you. You can be careless, and let the problems pile up, or be neat and efficient. Your mistakes in the past will affect the present, being easy to drown in them. However, even when there appears to be no hope, it is possible to clear your mess if you try hard enough, counteracting the doom.

School of the Future

2016 May 7

Knowledge should be free, in order to break down the circle of "spending money (on education) to make money", and move forward.

Meaning of Life

2012 Dec 1

You are a mistake. You have no purpose. So do whatever you want because that's what nature's natural random processes did to create you. But it is that freedom, that pointlessness, that should push you to do something [planned], and show how capable you are, and not just a mass of carbon. The purpose of you being here, conscious in your body, is to create a purpose for yourself. Yes, your body is nothing, nothing without the mind. Everything we do traces back to the fact that we have feelings and emotions. Nature is really just a random machine, but human nature is the thing we live by, we need meaning.